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Finding Efficiency with EOS® During COVID-19

Published: June 24, 2020


As we navigate unprecedented times, it’s imperative that we simplify our business structure to focus on the core elements that really matter. If you’re running on EOS, those essential parts are the Six Key Components™. 

Like Don Tinney poses in his recent blog:

“Is it possible to keep business simple, with a simple business structure, a simple business plan, simple business processes, and simple management? Is it really possible to simplify business?”

If you focus on those essential parts of the business, the Six Key Components, and document them in a place that can be shared and followed by all in Ninety, you will begin to see the power behind a simple business process. 

Don details where to focus to drive those essential parts of the business:

  • In your vision or strategic plan – only what you care about most.
  • In your people – only those people essential to achieving your vision.
  • In your data, metrics, or KPIs – only those critical numbers that give you an absolute pulse on your business.
  • In solving your issues – only addressing the underlying root causes, not the myriad of symptoms.
  • In your processes – only the essential procedural steps to produce the results you want in each of your core processes.
  • In execution or gaining traction – clarifying the few priorities for the quarter, and conducting team meetings with a specific frequency and precise agenda to complete those priorities.

Ninety provides a place to build and manage your V/TO, to engage with your people each week during your Level 10 Meetings™, monitor and track the numbers that matter on your Scorecard, solve issues and eliminate obstacles, document and manage core processes where you can delegate and assign ownership, and ultimately move your business forward.

Simple can be powerful and with Ninety you will arm your people with the tools they need to document and manage each of the Six Key Components as we learn to thrive in these uncertain times.