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Alignment, Awareness

Whether someone at the company retires, relocates or decides to re-invent their career path, dealing with turnover is a daunting and often challenging process. You’re left with projects (Rocks) undone, Issues unsolved and probably many questions unanswered.

Certified EOS Implementer™, Randy Taussig, lessens the blow by reminding us:

“Leadership turnover is inevitable in a growing/entrepreneurial company. In fact, approximately 80% of companies that implement EOS® experience a leadership team change within the first few years of their implementation. It’s a natural outcome as the priorities and roles within the company gain laser focus.”

So how can you get ahead of this ‘inevitable’ part of the growth journey? Randy’s recent blog provides 5 tips for preparing for Leadership Turnover. And Ninety supports all of them!

If you have everything documented in one secure place, accessible by all, where you run your Level 10 Meetings™, track your Rocks, Issues and To-Do’s and Scorecard measurables, you’re already prepared to handle a lot of turnover-related qualms.

Use your Accountability Chart to review seats and structure to see who can temporarily own the seat until you can hire someone permanently. When you find the right person (who GWC’s the seat), it will be as simple as getting them trained on Ninety, and they will have everything they need (historical and current!) at their fingertips.

Ninety works for everyone running on EOS. Let it work for you, too.

See for yourself!