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EOS® Tools for Hiring - Digitized

Published: November 12, 2019

Hiring can feel like somewhat of a gamble. You hire someone based on what you see and hear, but you never really know how things are going to play out until they’re in the role, and it’s too late. Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce some of that risk and hire better and faster? With EOS software you already have the tools at your fingertips, you just need to know when and how to use them.

Certified EOS Implementer™, Julia Langkraehr’s recent blog highlights not only the tools you use, but the five hiring mistakes to avoid. Most importantly is the Accountability Chart, essentially the visual outline you’ll use to determine the requirements for the seat:

“When using EOS®, we identify what seat you need to fill on the Accountability Chart and the five main roles in that seat. From these five roles, you can create a detailed job description with the skills and experience that the ideal candidate will need.”

Ninety’s Accountability Chart offers a clear place to define and document the roles and responsibilities in each seat and easily assign and re-assign ownership as you move through the hiring process. Connect each of your seats to measurables on the Scorecard or process steps in the Process Manager. Keep it all connected so you know exactly what each seat owns and can confidently celebrate ‘small wins’ or pinpoint issues.

Next Julia discusses culture and hiring around your Core Values:

“By using the People Analyzer™and interviewing with questions around the company’s Core Values, you can determine whether a person matches these and/or meets a minimum standard. The People Analyzer™ provides a black and white view of a somewhat subjective analysis of whether the person will match and fit.”

More than just Quarterly Conversations, Ninety’s Feedback App offers a place to perform a Core Value review to determine fit in your organization. Easily bring issues to your team directly from the candidate’s review and keep the hiring process moving forward in a smart and simple way.

Ninety’s integrated collection of EOS tools makes hiring simple and almost exciting. When your seats are clearly defined, core values are accessible by all, it becomes increasingly clear what the ideal candidate looks like from both experience and cultural perspectives.

Try Ninety free for 30 days and start simplifying the way your organization runs on EOS.