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EOS® Software to Boost Team Recognition

Published: February 06, 2020

Accountability, Awareness

Recognition is a powerful source of engagement; often believed to have greater impacts than compensation or bonuses.

“Human beings are hard-wired to crave recognition.
When we know that others are seeing us in a positive light, our brains release a few chemicals into our systems that make us feel good both physically and emotionally. This feeling encourages us to engage or move towards the source that triggered it.
In short, we move closer because we want more of that feeling.”
In John McMahon’s recent blog, he shares the high impacts and low cost of recognition and offers three opportunities to inject it in your company’s culture:
  1. State of the Company Meetings
  2. Quarterly Conversations™
  3. Level 10 Meetings™

Ninety’s software platform, making the EOS tools simple to use, offers an integrated solution for providing real-time recognition:

  1. Feedback App
    1. Prepare and manage your Quarterly Conversations right in Ninety.
    2. Perform a Core Value review that draws directly from your company V/TO™.
    3. Review Quarterly Rocks and completion rates.
    4. Revisit GWC™ for each seat, reviewing their Roles and Responsibilities pulling directly from the Accountability Chart.
    5. Log it all in one simple form.
  2. Level 10 Meeting Manager
    1. Share real-time recognition with your people
    2. Add a Core Value shoutout to your Headlines to praise a team member for their hard work.
    3. Call out a big deal that was won and cascade that news throughout the organization by creating a Cascading Message.
    4. Share positive client feedback across the organization with a Cascading Message that re-energizes everyone’s efforts.

Ninety keeps it simple while still allowing you to take full advantage of the tools and concepts of EOS. Start injecting recognition back into your business with Ninety.

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