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Digital EOS® Tools For The People Component

Published: May 15, 2019

Alignment, Awareness

Subjectivity can be a concern when dealing with people, so as much as we can keep things objective and data-driven, the better. Numbers cut through that murky, subjective communication between manager and direct reports and create accountability while driving results. Use Ninety EOS software to run quarterly conversations and annual reviews.

Many of the EOS® tools direct us towards using numbers when navigating people issues and, like Certified EOS Implementer™, Julia Langkraehr shares:

“Using the tools in the People Component™ of EOS ensures that your people match your Core Values, understand their roles and responsibilities, and the structure of the business.”

The key tools Julia touches on are the Accountability Chart, People Analyzer™ and GWC™. With Ninety, all three of these tools are integrated together in the Feedback app.

Pulling directly from your V/TO™ Core Values and your Accountability Chart seats, Feedback provides a clear place to manage the People Analyzer. Whether you’re preparing for a Quarterly Conversation or running an Annual Review, Feedback gives you a clear picture of Core Value Fit and GWC.

And Julia reminds us that,

“The beauty of using these tools is that together they drive accountability and everyone understands how departments function together."

Confidently run your Quarterly Conversations and Annual Reviews, with clear and integrated data, in Ninety.

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