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Creating Culture with Core Values & EOS Software

Published: July 30, 2019

Alignment, Awareness

Every company has a culture that is unique to them, defined by their Core Values, that ultimately drives performance: “Core Values determine your culture. Your culture determines behavior. Behavior determines performance.”

In Certified EOS Implementer™ Sue Hawkes’ recent blog, she reminds us that work is not done once the Core Values are defined. Actually using them is where the value lies:

“If your values are on the wall and you don’t use them as a measurement for success on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, then they are just a good idea, not a way for people to determine their “fit” for your work community. They are not a way to measure behavior if you’re not using them.”

Using your Core Values as an evaluation tool is a great way to address behavior or performance issues. Ninety’s Feedback app provides the tools to run your Quarterly Conversations and Annual Reviews, both of which pull the Core Values directly from your V/TO™.

Check in with your Core Values regularly and keep them updated and accessible to the rest of the company in Ninety EOS software.