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Compartmentalize to Capitalize

Published: November 28, 2017


Let's face it, we all have issues (and rocks and to-do's). Organizing your 'stuff' into these three buckets (Issues, Rocks or To-Do's) will clarify and simplify the way your team gets stuff done. We call this compartmentalizing.

Like EOS® Founder, Gino Wickman, has said, "practicing the art of compartmentalizing will help you and your team get a picture of WHAT needs to get done, WHEN It needs to get done, and HOW much of a priority it is." So simple!

Once you determine the bucket your 'stuff' belongs in, Traxion helps you manage through to completion:

  • Managing the WHAT - Load your items into the app in real-time during Level 10 Meetings. When you're multi-tasking or on the go, text Henryx to add new stuff to your buckets: Rocks, Issues or To-Do's.
  • Managing the WHEN - Never miss a deadline again. To-do's will generate a 1-week due date, and Rocks will generate a 90-day due date. As the due dates approach, Henryx will remind you with a text to help keep things on track. 
  • Managing the HOW - Use the Issues priority feature to assign urgency and impact to each of your Issues. Focus on the big items first and odds are you'll be solving some of the smaller items in the process.

Check-out the rest of Gino's tips for compartmentalizing and start achieving more, faster.