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Clarity Breaks Improve Focus; Ninety EOS Software Can Help

Published: September 26, 2019


Finding time to step away from a growing issues list, or to-do’s that seem to keep piling up can be tough for any entrepreneur at any stage in the game. It’s easy to get lost IN the business and forget the importance of taking a break to work ON the business; Ninety EOS software can help make clarity breaks for meaningful. 

Certified EOS Implementer™, Ed Callahan, reminds us of the value that can come from Clarity Breaks and how to make the most of that time:

  • Take them away from your place of business
  • Take them at a frequency that you can afford and is helpful to you
  • Schedule a duration that allows you to think clearly and achieve some results, and
  • generally they are done without all our electronic devices turned on

Once your ideas and thoughts start flowing, capture them where they can become real, actionable items that drive the business forward. Easily text issues into your Ninety account or generate some to-do’s that will keep your focus top-of-mind.

Taking Clarity Breaks™ are an important part of being a good leader and manager, and even get captured in the Quarterly Conversations and Annual Reviews in Ninety’s Feedback app.

Continue to make your Clarity Breaks a priority and schedule time on your calendar this week!