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Cascading Messages Keep the Rumors True

Published: April 25, 2019

Alignment, Awareness

Every week your team meets for a weekly Level 10 Meeting™ where you work ON the business. You spend 90 minutes identifying, discussing and solving issues, many of which have a direct impact to the subsequent tiers and teams in the company. Are they being properly informed? Are you ‘cascading’ the important messages? Ninety EOS software can help you cascade the right messages through your business. 

Certified EOS Implementer™, Ed Callahan, discusses the importance of spreading information:

“Cascading Messages™ is the behavior we teach to leadership teams running on EOS®, and Lencioni uses the same term. Think of a cascading waterfall – communication flows from the executive leadership team to the next level of management and so on until it reaches all appropriate parties”

Many teams don't spend enough time getting clear on cascading messages in their Level 10 Meeting. Ed shares several questions that the Leadership Team can use to evaluate the who/what/how of Cascading Messages to keep their people informed- and the rumors true.

Ninety’s Level 10 Meeting manager provides a clear place to document and send Cascading Messages to any team. Anything cascaded will show up in the other team's headlines section in their Level 10 Meeting with the title and description, and the team it was cascaded from. This simple-to-use tool encourages transparency between teams and gets the true rumors circulating right away.

Take Ninety for a spin! Start Cascading Messages today.