Accountability, Awareness

There is a reason many of the EOS® sessions include 'starting with the brave one and moving to the left'.

We've all been there, unsure or afraid to call something out, knowing it belongs on the Issues List. Instead, we hope 'it will work itself out', or 'maybe someone else will bring it up'. The longer it goes unmentioned and without a healthy round of IDS, the larger the elephant in the room becomes.

Certified EOS Implementer, Ed Callahan, shares two pointers for getting issues on the issues list.

Ninety's Issues List provides an effective and transparent way to capture issues that can be added any time, any place. Get your issues into the mix before the session, with Henryx's help, and be prepared to shrink that elephant a little more every Level 10 Meeting™.

Get started with Ninety, and simplify the way you call out and tackle issues across the company.

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