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Building an Effective Scorecard

Published: August 28, 2018

Accountability, Alignment, Awareness

Often at the Leadership Team level, it can be easier to 'master' EOS than at the company level. The Leadership Team holds 5-6 full day sessions each year, focused on deep-diving into the tools and components of EOS®. They get to meet face-to-face with their Implementer, learning from one of the best and soaking it all in.

When you get to the company level, buy-in, understanding and adoption is obviously more challenging.

Like Certified EOS Implementer, Mike Kotsis says,

It’s a big undertaking for teams to simplify and document their processes. The next step is to roll them out to everyone in the company and get them followed by all.

Mike's blog about measuring the effectiveness of your process breakdowns three steps to simplify how and what to measure on your Scorecard to ensure that your processes (and people) are working!

Once you have the foundational understanding, you're ready to build it out in Ninety. The platform's simple functionality makes it easy to be followed, and accessed, by all.

Get started today!