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Build Great Scorecards

Published: April 06, 2018

Accountability, Awareness

How does your Scorecard hold up? Is it illuminating troubled areas? Is it providing you with what you really need to know? Or just want to want to know? 

Building a great Scorecard, at any level, is a journey that can take months to fine tune. You have to live with it, track it, and tweak it to find that sweet spot. Like Certified EOS Implementer, Mike Paton says, 

"For many organizations and leaders, finding the right set of 5 to 15 leading indicators that provide an absolute pulse on the business (or the department) is a difficult challenge. Often it takes several months or longer to truly fall in love with your Scorecard."

Ready to get building? Check out Mike's '4 Steps to Creating a Great Scorecard' broken down into simple and clear steps towards getting what you want and need from your Scorecard. 

Ready to get tracking? Put your numbers and Scorecard to work in Ninety's fully-integrated collection of apps while increasing organizational accountability and awareness. 

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