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Build a Scorecard from Relevant Measurables

Published: November 22, 2017


It's hard to choose what your organization can and should be tracking, plus how to do it. To build an effective scorecard, you need consistency, the right amount of information, and numbers relevant to your business.

Through Traxion, EOS® Compatible Software, your team can create the perfect scorecard, while maintaining flexibility to change with your company's needs.


Create the Right Measurables

To choose what measurables your organization should track, first take a look at your Accountability Chart. Why? Because your Accountability Chart says exactly what each person is responsible for. By looking at a person's roles and responsibilities, you can determine the numbers they should be driving based on that description.

Within Traxion, you can tie measurables directly to your Accountability Chart, linking them to specific seats and roles/responsibilities. Doing this gives you the power to make strong connections between the numbers someone is hitting, and what areas of their job they may be falling short.

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Choose Measurables for Each Scorecard

Once you've built out your Accountability Chart and/or some measurables its time to start choosing which measurables you want to track on each of your teams' scorecard. Traxion allows you to have multiple teams so select which you would like to build, then add existing measurables or create new ones.

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Within Traxion, you can build both weekly and monthly measurables, and view each during your Level 10 Meetings™.


Put it to Work

Make each team member accountable for filling in their data, and give your entire team a chance to review that during the Level 10 Meeting. The most value comes from your scorecard when you are viewing the data week-to-week making informed decisions and discovering issues from that content.

Within Traxion, easily transform your measurables that need attention into issues, so your team can capture every opportunity to grow.


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