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An EOS® Tool to Solve Every Problem

Published: August 15, 2019

Accountability, Awareness

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® was created to equip entrepreneurs and small business owners with the tools they need to build healthy, scalable companies. Faced with issues every single day, there are carefully crafted tools to help you navigate through them all, you just need to remember to use them and a little help from Ninety EOS software. (And you’re definitely not the first to have your set of challenges, so don’t recreate the wheel!)

Certified EOS Implementer™️, Mike Paton, makes a simple yet striking comparison, in his recent blog:

"Gino Wickman created EOS® – and the EOS Toolbox™️ – to help people whose “vocation” happens to be “entrepreneur.” And he knew that to be successful, his toolbox – OUR Toolbox – would need to be full of things as simple and useful as a hammer or a shovel."

Mike goes on to review several of the most common issues, and the tools to best address them:

  • Struggling with what to do if someone is NOT the right fit? Prepare and deliver a Quarterly Conversation™.
  • Feel like you’re flying blind or drowning in too much data? Create and begin using a weekly Scorecard full of leading indicators that give you an absolute pulse on your business.
  • Sales numbers off-track for the umpteenth week in a row? Use the Issues Solving Track to get to the root of the issue at your next Level 10 Meeting™️.
  • Vision Component™️ – you’re selling to the wrong target market or you need to strengthen your 3 Uniques™️
  • Process Component™️ – you’re not generating leads and closing business the right and best way every time
  • People Component™️ - your leader and/or salespeople are not ‘right people in the right seats’

So grab your ‘proverbial shovel’ or open the toolbox to find that there are time-tested tools for solving anything you’ve got. Whether it’s a people issue or something data-driven, Ninety’s collection of cloud-based EOS tools delivers a digital application for each of the tools in the EOS Toolbox.